reflections about love nd life: three verses each about three different situations


her name is
stacy corona
she stayed in corona
the way her lips graced the corona
the way she bent over
the pool table
the game was over from jump
young lady somewhere near my age
raisin an 8 yr old son and
i aint came to judge
she would say that it was
love as crazy as the way that she was at 18
hate it or love it
some lame motherfucker would take her son in his custody
a weekend a month to chuckie cheese
dating becomes
layin up
and brunch on sundays
wakin up to eggs and steak and a blunt
bud, breaking it up
someplace between a runway and runaway love
on some bonnie played by faye dunaway love
if u a rider
then I'm clyde
embracing the lust
escape routes then make out with u in the wake of destruction
I'm not makin it up
no zoe saldana
colombiana dominicana so she say that she crazy as fuck

i cue it up for the cuties in qu
i do it up so lovely jus do u

her name nadia
she went to laguardia
community college
mami as fly as laguardia
passerbys like an audience watchin her walkin by
cars could collide
stars could fall and die
she never lost her stride
not that she wasnt caught up in drama
she got a lot of it
probably she the reincarnate of the diva that authored it
got some hips with a bit of swag in her stance with a cigarette lit up with a drag
chick is bad
shiit and she independent
dependin on no1
men? didnt know one that could hold her for less than a moment
never told her im different
i jus approached it different
u know my flow sicker than most
quick witted
so listen
she into mimosas
strolls in the city
the MOMA
samosas and
livin impulsively in the moment
and she
beggin me to choke her when i stroke her
then let it go when she get an o
shiiiit i already know

i cue it up for the cuties in qu
i do it up so lovely jus do u

cant forget gloria
astoria shorty
stayin with her moms
offa broadway and 44th or somethin
and she doin laundry
spittin notorious
big shit
wrist deep in victorias
peep it
she caught me singin along with her
started grinnin when i went duhah duhah with her
talkin with her
shes a registered nurse
thought it was funny her mother lived with her
didnt register at first
her younger brother thuggin it
touchin plenty of work
pressin me
suggestin that its weaponry if she get hurt
kid please
if anyones gettin hurt
its me
cus the way ya motherfuckin big sis work it is mean
her shift ends at 3 in the mornin
she callin me bawlin
stop screamin
lemme leave the apartment
emts brought in moms to the er
the doctors said that she need to detox
any history of allergy?
we need it for these charts

outro skit


from this time deluxe ii (8 song set), track released November 19, 2014
Produced by Jay of VS Ent. (aka Vital-SignZ). Mixed + Mastered by Ford 4D of The 4D Foundation.

{Produced by VitalSignzEnt (aka Vital-SignZ aka Jay of V.S. Entertainment aka VitalSignz aka Jay of VS Ent).}


all rights reserved



budah New York

qu emcee. 80s baby.

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