this time deluxe ii (8 song set)

by budah

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introverse (free) 02:36
one for the money two for the love three for the real mufuckers up in the cut one for the money two for the love three... (this time deluxe mufucker, trust mufucker) ... i been spit it sick riddle riddled with syphilis been chinky lifted as bitches give me critical thinkin pivotal with the ink pen write with light on them tablets shit that set fire to ya empire spill the wine from ya challice mind over matter tho mine was type scattered like ashes high offa that lah as i fly over saturn walk in the sky like jedi nd my drive like left eye in a 911 still alive in ny nd i aint shit jus flow with the soul of the ancients like pyramids nd spaceships no wonder they anxious this isnt no banksy no subliminal dissin im jus different if u ask me im indifferent if u ask me this is my city as i sit up with a cigarette lit up in the backseat of the taxi lowered the tinted windows to blow the smoke out rolled up some so cal rolled up, soho hopped out so loud a soldier for homies who hold me down if u not close to me blow me like og sour u dont know me the lonely child the flow console me nintendo nd sony couldnt control me the best u could do is attempt to troll me homie as we proceed to give you what you need '14 of course once more its on feel the force cus this time is for the money mr fuck your boss sincerely yours budah
home (free) 02:16
exile from the homeland shit i feel like its x files or im brody from homeland o man a bad omen of things to come how many kings u think get crushed when kingdom come? so i shit on the whole industry get blown like drone strike plutonium low density stoned like yosemite im so high its heavenly foresight ill be rockin all night infinity gettin money like a motherfucker money like a mother with a son nd a daughter nd a father that said fuck em as she shuffle thru money some of it funny as fuck she said u better tell nobody hushin her son with a look look look at the kid lost in sitcoms as moms nd pops arguin the audience applaud cus pops didnt get a job depressed dressed like a slob swingin with these bitches like it's professional golf stressed? no never especially with a cigarette lit nevertheless restless unless i let go of breath let it echo thru time nd when u remember it let the instrumental rewind I said play the bar hard like roman greco design whether carharts or rugged vintage leather embalmed to weather the storm when its bombs over n y all of us get high all jus to get by qu scribe the verbalist (scratched in)/ if home is where the heart is, good thing mine is made of stone x3 snoop/ new york, new york, big city of dreams but everything in new york ain't always what it queens is the backdrop manhattan my backyard brooklyn nd the bronx to the side of me yall should back off blast off the boros nd the world is my last stop get hurled thru galaxies as i hurl up my last lung relaxed in the jeep passenger seat passin the weed after meetin my mans nd em after a shift the cipher complete nike fleet for my feet im flea for a korean leisurely careenin thru city scenery weeded off tree top even on enemy blocks steam like saunas u could let the nypd watch meanwhile im a good dude two jobs the dude yall look to to move yall a new god an idiot with idiosyncracies idioms the kid is new york city like diddy nd u god heh on a stoop on jupiter booted as fuck lucy lit up the polluted tongue of the budah im from new york scribe the verbalist (scratched in)/ if home is where the heart is, good thing mine is made of stone x3 nas/ nothing's equivalent to the New York state of mind
dmz (free) 02:07
we rebels with impeccable ettiquette never said let us in we get it in get in and then led us in my friends is immigrants who spit slang better than anythin in english as a second language classes listen my parents yall called em fresh off the boat so call me fresh off the jet ill get fresh off the flow i dont want no attention so im fresh on the low dress fresh smoke fresh to address all the stress the woes the pressure whoa gettin fresh with them hoes but no its no puto freco puta its budah hello from chinito in esl to chino xl in a three xl tee readin xxl magazine connectin to shorty who called them her dsls it was bleep nextel cellies and cheap tellies everytime i spit a line its like the dmz x4 heir apparent to america its apparent to me how u treat my parents how transparent american dreams are americas a conspiracy ask a cherokee chief or palestinian civillians killed with american heat mothers grievin in arabic brothers inherittin beef tears the barrel'll weep adversaries get buried deep in tel aviv prepared to be gone wearin the c4 before seein a three year old starin at me police officers preparin to squeeze off and reload the piece at homie betrothed to marry a queen ohno as she carry his seed who theyll tell her need therapy for terrible american dreams as anteras tear up the streets cus i see freedom in chiefin keef in a cherry red jeep cherokee speedin fuck yall everytime i spit a line its like the dmz x4
qu it up (free) 03:31
her name is stacy corona she stayed in corona the way her lips graced the corona the way she bent over the pool table the game was over from jump young lady somewhere near my age raisin an 8 yr old son and i aint came to judge she would say that it was love as crazy as the way that she was at 18 hate it or love it some lame motherfucker would take her son in his custody a weekend a month to chuckie cheese dating becomes layin up and brunch on sundays wakin up to eggs and steak and a blunt bud, breaking it up someplace between a runway and runaway love on some bonnie played by faye dunaway love what? if u a rider then I'm clyde embracing the lust escape routes then make out with u in the wake of destruction I'm not makin it up no zoe saldana colombiana dominicana so she say that she crazy as fuck i cue it up for the cuties in qu i do it up so lovely jus do u x4 her name nadia she went to laguardia community college mami as fly as laguardia passerbys like an audience watchin her walkin by cars could collide stars could fall and die she never lost her stride not that she wasnt caught up in drama she got a lot of it probably she the reincarnate of the diva that authored it got some hips with a bit of swag in her stance with a cigarette lit up with a drag chick is bad shiit and she independent dependin on no1 men? didnt know one that could hold her for less than a moment never told her im different i jus approached it different u know my flow sicker than most quick witted so listen she into mimosas strolls in the city the MOMA samosas and livin impulsively in the moment and she beggin me to choke her when i stroke her then let it go when she get an o shiiiit i already know i cue it up for the cuties in qu i do it up so lovely jus do u x4 cant forget gloria astoria shorty stayin with her moms offa broadway and 44th or somethin and she doin laundry spittin notorious big shit victory wrist deep in victorias secret peep it she caught me singin along with her started grinnin when i went duhah duhah with her talkin with her shes a registered nurse thought it was funny her mother lived with her didnt register at first her younger brother thuggin it touchin plenty of work pressin me suggestin that its weaponry if she get hurt kid please if anyones gettin hurt its me cus the way ya motherfuckin big sis work it is mean her shift ends at 3 in the mornin she callin me bawlin stop screamin lemme leave the apartment emts brought in moms to the er the doctors said that she need to detox any history of allergy? we need it for these charts outro skit
one night / rendezvous (free) 03:48
im no good for anything other than one night maybe a stand off high noon a room with sunlight a nice view to go with a nice mood cus its done right i do what i do and then u know its done, right? not a nice dude but a i try to do whats right but i love life much too much for a lovelife bust it i touch lives when i clutch mics but im not lookin for nothin but fuckin tonight im fucked up right? try to understand love ive tried to understand love and when u stand up to leave i be at a stand still but thats jus a reminder i cant feel its that real cant chill but we could dance and romance still have u at a wall handlin blue balls like crack kills i smack it i track it that ass stacked in heels the rack is real goddamnit i gotta have it ... i dont know whats more profound than the sound of u moanin goin down on me controllin the moment with ya smile with your panties hangin from my door how u wore floral patterns like some sorta camo in a war with ammo in your couture apparel but i was born for battle with arrows im half horse and u could guess which half shorty shit i jus said that shit to get u to laugh for me she my whore and my saint babygirl face the world in sephora warpaint we recordin porn at four in the morn at her place she warnin me of snakes for us shell break ya trachea where i come from we abort a baby for sport escape in bottles the pain thats bottled up embodyin metaphors for the forces makin us the courses its taken us of course its make ups to break ups to make up intercourse for the sake of us i pray has the lord forsaken us to the tornado of the wars we wage for us the pain i cause u could u stay the same as before i came break u off til the break of dawn we mornin babe pour it up hormones stay rushin maybe we rushin but fuck it they aint sayin nothin bedframe squeakin backshots stay pumpin while i hold u by the hair nd u playin with ya pussy we could take it anywhere bedroom to the kitchen interlude in the livin room interviewin u in the nude where every view of u is new assumin that u into stimulation nd liberation away from the things that u been thru i aint gonna hit u to say that i miss u i been misused its sticky to flip thru subscriptions to my issues lemme strip u of the denim that fit u lift u in air til u swear that i get u ... crystal clear visions of smeared lipstick on mirrors tears drippin fears of intimacy magicians we disappear stare into the distance like picture me there im distant like yeah thats me in the distance dippin i wish u were here listen i miss u reminiscin i wish i could care 4 u as much i adore u tried to warn u thru lips lit up by cigarettes whiskey whispers in ear as this ism get twisted like fingers thru hair triggers nd prayer shit all we do is argue i swear that i fuckin love u as much as i love fuckin u as u fuckin swear never sweat no gear u freshest when u strip yaself bare of layers of shit that u wear them denimsll interfere yeah u could get married then its jus trysts nd affairs miss i never been a player shit im so serious so forget the possessiveness im possessed when u near me i admitted that bein committeds like bein admitted to be committed nd me i admit that im scared but its not gonna stop me ya free? try to meet me somewhere we tear it up in the bedroom bend u over this chair then switch it to missionary positions like stick shiftin a gear we ride all night we light up lahh our eyes so dry so ma dont cry
move (nothing new) (free) 04:07
listen its a wicked tongue that lies behind my smile similar to the sun rise shine behind the clouds u dont love me u jus love my style u dont want me as much as u want me now i hung around some dudes but we dont talk too much brung around some cuties who rude if u talk too much got a little bit of jewelery i dont floss too much if new york is jerusalem then this crucifix it cost too much i dont wanna be popular im not responsible enough for a flock of followers i dont give a fuck what the motto was yall some maricon conasos if u not a part of us pardon love my walls are up guard is up but still itll fall on us the sky fall apart on us call it what u wanna this the quixotic from if queens the gaza strip let our kids bomb the walls with love u say the world is ending i say its nothing new i need u to remember what it do nd what we do and we gon keep on dancing that shit is nothing new i need u to keep dancing dance dance ddance for me move its a lot on my cold shoulders like long legs my palm on the side of her neck her body in my arms of strength never get weak in the knees its all in ya head i said never get weak... not to objectify im ufo my eyes exotic like exotic lah if u must know since karma's my erotica my sutra go from the boros fuck the world and do her slow budah flow beautiful like give me a view of the river i give u my room to grow plus ya dude is so sucio i jus said some fresh shit i think u should know im a fool i joke thinkin its cute when women flinch nd giggle like clip ya cuticles a little rough around edges get on the bed and lose ya clothes my tongue in ya mouth like shut the fuck up now and lose control u say the world is ending i say its nothing new i need u to remember what it do nd what we do and we gon keep on dancing that shit is nothing new i need u to keep dancing dance dance ddance for me move i dont need to know if u would die 4 me i'd die 4 u so come alive for me keep it live with me would u fly for me? yeah id fly for u but i get fly for me im not as fly as u but this flier reads get high with me tonight so say hi to me and forever get ready to say bye to me better yet if ya wet already get bi for me girl i never wanna see u cry for me keep em dry for me lovely aiight? for me its the life i lead i got sights to see see eye to eye with me cus im a sight to see misunderstood u might need to ride for me cus its so fuckin good when u ridin me til the weekend when we could get the entire suite nd we checkin in at the front desk like this time its deluxe dance dance ddance for me bae dance dance ddance for me move x4 u say the world is ending i say its nothing new i need u to remember what it do nd what we do and we gon keep on dancing that shit is nothing new i need u to keep dancing dance dance ddance for me move
this is budah (free) 02:42
real shit (free) 02:38


this time deluxe ii


released May 28, 2015

budah, Jay of VS Ent. (Vital-Signz) on all the production, Ford4D of The 4D Foundation on mixing nd mastering, Emily Anne Imes on background vocals ("dmz").

[Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Ford4D.
Produced by VitalSignzEnt (aka Vital-SignZ aka Jay of V.S. Entertainment aka VitalSignz aka Jay of VS Ent).]


all rights reserved



budah New York

qu emcee. 80s baby.

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