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Inspired by Prince. A sign of the times. Perspective.


yeah yeah

hot wit it
on a song a sauna personified
as i massage a shorty mind
and spine
a spa with mine
young at heart
with dreams of seein spofford on fire
from new yiddy, a city in which politty sponsor crime
i don't got time for pigs
i don't respond to lies
responsible, i spit the truth when i'm in the booth
despondent desperados spawned in despotic times
psychotic offa psychotropics
off of the stoop
hip hop is life,
i promise i will stay faithful
like those who walk thru fire to talk to sky
ain't no saint tho
closer to a sinner
and an A hole
only cus the lovelies that know me and love me say so
a show off
i go off
break dough off
piece by (peace) like shalom and aloha
flow like noah's
throwin up a finger,
u could
fuck a fist
if u think i owe u shit
fuck u like i owe u dick

before i die
ima party like it's 1999

i don't wanna but i gotta go die
so ima party like it's 1999

isn't it obvious?
livin is synonymous with pain
not to be a cynic all in YC lane
my name synonymous with nirvana
off the top: kobain
show a court no love
if u want me judged, then
cock a gun and tell god i'm on my way
tho honest, i'm assured, nor i budge
i trust the lord above
sure enough
all of us
gon be gone one day
will the mornin sun be mournin us?
or will the azure shore shrug
high (hi) tide, wave goodbye
city lights fade
night and day embrace a naked sky
tryina maintain integrity
my aim has nvr been attainin fame or celebrity
shit is lame
steadyin the pace of the paperchase
for the sake of it
no other stake in it
can't take it with me when i meet my fate
james will stay the painter with melody
like rain that came to serenade the serengeti like ahhhh



from From Queens, With Love (5 Song Set), track released July 17, 2010




budah New York

qu emcee. 80s baby.

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