From Queens, With Love (5 Song Set)

by Buddha

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From Queens, With Love: an exploration of where I spent my life, and the reflection of that experience on me.


released July 7, 2010




budah New York

qu emcee. 80s baby.

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Track Name: A Ballad (Intro)
i spoke this in smoke with lips that kissed a solar eclipse
wrote it with fingers that flipped rollies
controlled a ho at the hips
this from the kid that didn't know he existed
spittin flows over lit bogies and sodas and chips
u know what it is
this set my soul free
spittin freestyles like it was 03
when hip was coachin me and
folk focused me, your
homie from queens but kept the x close to me
like a hajj
in the midst of intifada and jihad
sippn collattas
gripped in my palms
in midst of stigmata
come and cross me
cross my arms
with the same crossbow that toss lost souls to the cross roads
cross my heart
the flow skull and crossbones
good stuff
i should bottle the flow
props are all i got to show for all i wrote
but all i know is
somethin gotta give cus a mufucker give

and a mufucker get it
and never this mufucker give or givin in
if u get it, then give it up
the difference btwn livin and "livin it up"
as i reference "Get Lifted" gettin lifted as a fuck
once again it's on
evolvin at my own pace
not to disown my own race but my life's my own race
and it's not a sprint
it's a marathon
trackin my vocals
joggin on the track
as i talk to this fly chick wit baggage
she carry on
recallin scenes of screamin from her heart
a black box
i could relate to that sorta trauma
i've had a lot
ashes to ashes
these are scattered thoughts
take my job
break my heart and my fingers and hit me with a car
still check out the melody
i keep the g sharp like a
heavenly harp
guitar or piano
due to ppl that taught me to be smart
peep the angles
keep watch
to hennessey shots
deep in the shadows
of the park
and even when in deep thought
to keep it shallow
like whattup tho
how u doin
how the fam?
give dap and go do what u have to do
hard not to be religious when benches r battle trenches
walkin by a shrine aligned with candles and pictures
walls get lit up by vandal evangelist scriptures
and girls become hard rocks, like amethysts, crystals
our souls are supposed to travel the galaxy
i know this from
window seats of subways
tunnel lights passin me
as a child with a style inspired by fireflies
now i spit fire
my entire attire fly
i rhyme for
the boro that sired mine
pearly white smiles from pretty girls i desired
a writer of songs
and ballads
battle u on ya block
but rather see the art in the alleys of paris
mind spinnin like wax
or analog dat
a carousel
a ferris wheel
or a parasol in the hand
of a cinderella in a brazilian favela singin
ey ey
shit is rio
with shoulder's cold as janeiro
went from
lonely to cold and arrogant
spittin arrows
i know it's terrible
i could give a fuck like i'm sterile
ya don't hear me tho

since we're
here my dear
sincere, i swear
don't call it a comeback
i've been here for years

from queens, with love
Track Name: From Queens With Love (Find Your Love Freestyle)

from queens with love
even with a pre nup
i said i'll never leave
get what i need and be done
nah baby
u my only love
my only one
with all that u gave me
u don't owe me nothin
u don't be all show me the money
and i hold u down
cus u hold me up
and u hold me down
i also throw u up
whenever i step thru rep u wherever
it's Q-U

from queens
with love

ill nvr tell u that i love u cus its dangerous
ill tell u i got love
if u want it
claim it
my friend told me her first burned her with
which reaffirms the worst
love hurts with no mercy
it turn me on how u turn to me
turn me down
turn on me
turn me out
then return to me
i think ur anger is cute
ur tantrums r too
ur swag sexy like a hidden dagger in ya boot
knee high wit a bit of a heel
whatever i feel reveals
cus forreal
its never i feel
and u make me feel good
like real good
hit u with the steel
like let's build
we could chill
i know a couple spots
couple parts of the park
to spark up with a bottle at dark
i wanna couple with u
fuck it
cuddle with u
struggle with u thru it all
as long as im with u but
dont b sorry
i dont need apologies
cus logically i could c what ppl wanna mean
nd comprehend the depth and dimension of your psychology
but acknowledge yall could walk with me or not
cus honestly
i dont need nobody
i got me
probably not the best way to start a relationship properly
easy to be a mystic with self fulfillin prophecies
i be on a vista like hasta la vista
ima leap
with faith
that the breeze will take me
to the peaceful place i need to be at
wit a breezy who could relate
but for now it's young jigga jeezy james
han solo on it dolo like
piece of cake
til i meet my leia
from queens with hate
cus its not the opposite of love
either way
she was an angel
me devilishly handsome
tried to tell her we matchin
we a hell of a tandem but

Track Name: Light It Up (Purple Freestyle)
ima give u the definition of genius
which is the description of the encryption when lasers read the disc
i dont make beats
im an mc and shit
weeded korean kid
ironically they couldnt c the kid
wit lyricism thats vivid
listen to c the shit
tho even if u seen it
u wouldn't believe this shit
16s as mean as it get
breathe in it like cigarette
lean like literz
easy like jesus did wit me in the mix
he dont got a heart and a part of him empty and shit
somebody call a physiologist
honestly he is sick like
bulimic bitches gaggin when they eat my dick
like cannibals
im an animal
like cannabis
see him
in a cathedral sizzlin
4give me 4 these sins
committed outta necessity
steppin in a den of thieves
i rep
queens nyc
a city that never sleeps or rests
yet dreams project
watch the team connect
the cream collect

pardon me
i won't follow your protocol
caught btwn bein a know it all
and i don't know at all
son of an immigrant mother
i don't take a moment off
goin hard
dedicated to haters who wrote me off
ridin beats until the wheels of steel fallin off
ironically it'll be the only thing that put me on
but what i be on?
i don't wanna be on
with groupies who turn me on
dreamin of turnin me on
only to turn on me and see me fall
like these broads that i treated right
so i should treat em wrong
not that i'm bitter
shit i saw it all before
at memorial day barbecues thinkin
"war no more"
more a forward thinker than most
torn between porno scenes
pourin liquor for whores
or sippin alone
in a city that's pretty
yet as
insidious as roses
the thorns and the allure
new york, new york

this rap shit is truly outta control
but it's the
free style so now it's out on parole
outta my soul
like a fountain i flow
like the towers it's goin down
like a mountain
i hold my ground
a malcontent
somewhere with mao and malcolm x
twistin the alphabet like some sour to an album
i get it down
hoodied down
to cover my smiles
like a maui sunset
shrouded and covered in clouds
hover above your doubt
*bob and weave*
*beyotches* who be tryina box beyond they reach
with arms *too short*
u caught it?
i hit trips there
since eightysix sick
a sinner yet sincere
shiftin gears
picture this
drinkin beers
sippin liquor
with a cigarette lit up
hit the snare
to whisper tipsy prayers
into the rhythm
sinkin into *frets* of whiskey
as *guitar* shaped women lick my ear
Track Name: 1999
yeah yeah

hot wit it
on a song a sauna personified
as i massage a shorty mind
and spine
a spa with mine
young at heart
with dreams of seein spofford on fire
from new yiddy, a city in which politty sponsor crime
i don't got time for pigs
i don't respond to lies
responsible, i spit the truth when i'm in the booth
despondent desperados spawned in despotic times
psychotic offa psychotropics
off of the stoop
hip hop is life,
i promise i will stay faithful
like those who walk thru fire to talk to sky
ain't no saint tho
closer to a sinner
and an A hole
only cus the lovelies that know me and love me say so
a show off
i go off
break dough off
piece by (peace) like shalom and aloha
flow like noah's
throwin up a finger,
u could
fuck a fist
if u think i owe u shit
fuck u like i owe u dick

before i die
ima party like it's 1999

i don't wanna but i gotta go die
so ima party like it's 1999

isn't it obvious?
livin is synonymous with pain
not to be a cynic all in YC lane
my name synonymous with nirvana
off the top: kobain
show a court no love
if u want me judged, then
cock a gun and tell god i'm on my way
tho honest, i'm assured, nor i budge
i trust the lord above
sure enough
all of us
gon be gone one day
will the mornin sun be mournin us?
or will the azure shore shrug
high (hi) tide, wave goodbye
city lights fade
night and day embrace a naked sky
tryina maintain integrity
my aim has nvr been attainin fame or celebrity
shit is lame
steadyin the pace of the paperchase
for the sake of it
no other stake in it
can't take it with me when i meet my fate
james will stay the painter with melody
like rain that came to serenade the serengeti like ahhhh

Track Name: Solid Snake; A Duet (Soldier of Love Freestyle) feat. Sade

parachuted into a parasite's paradise
and by my parents
told to play my role like a pair of dice
shine like camera light til my apparel pharoah like
on point
sagittari arrow like
arrogant despite
bein an average cat who spit
supernatural vernacular
hit cardiovascular like
the ambassador who fraternized
with self described animal types
vandal evangelists
battered wives
with sunglasses wrappin blackened eyes
who rather be quiet than signify scandal to passerby
the scandalous scantily clad alice in wonderland and
angry adolescents with no language to describe the
frustration they facin
and have to cry at night
and hard workin mothers and fathers who have to sacrifice
to make due
makin moves like christ in palestine
stoned as fuck
like welcome home
my son
moms was a philanthropist
pops was philanderer
me i'm a philosopher
phantom of the opera
i play the organs at the philharmonic like
all up in the guts
clutchin breasts
pluckin heart strings at night
she move like beautiful music
in a g-string
change out her clothes like a sequence of the i ching
she need to be
sippin fiji
in a bikini
at a beach
drop dead gorgeous
pillow talkin thru a ouji my pipe game luigi
and u know the flow over dope tracks
i'm b.g.
and chick go hard
comin kama kizi
articulate with artillery
she slick
flippin it off the heezy
she be my general
me executive chiefin
weed in el presidente cohibas
keepin it caliente
i bring the pain til she menstratin
demonstratin the pensive nature of a record's reckless statements
she a soldier
been in treacherous trenches
she a soul survivor
up in the trench nekkid, drenched
between her legs yet it doesn't need further mentionin
said i seen the strength in ya shimmer when i met ya then
and i knew
she a sexy motherfucker
anybody get at u i'd have to flex on motherfuckers

u a sexy motherfucker, bitch...

Outro/ Sade...

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