The Last Hope (Freestyle)

by budah

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The numbness that eventually people succumb to under pressure, and the hope to move forth from it.


welcome to my center
honeys feel it deep in they placenta
cold as the poles in the winter
so tempermental
temper short like the temperature in december
enter a dimension of dementia
my energy is measured
however kinetic
and under pressure
its whatever
another session live from the recession
no, a depression
we make it rain ignorin noah's suggestions
and dont become the change that we vote for in elections
i get low
a ghost in the electric
eccentric flow an extension of souls i've connected with
impressionist with quotes
impressionable, the growth
a step to the next episode
and precedents set before
nd i know
channel zero gonna censor me
and i am no hero
im a zero
suffer sensory
haze is medication
nd eventually u'll c
if the city's dead
ill let it resurrect in me

i look in me
seek direction in imperfection
street slick with my reflection, meanin
even if i leave this city
do i leave a piece of me
or am i leavin wit it
cus i c mi in it
i come from schemers
the schema of dreams infinite
like immigrants overseas squeezin triggers
to be a citizen
neo conspiracy
she at the register
deep in her shift
so it didn't even register
how deep the shit is
but the shit is shit is regular
this is how she pay the bill for the cellular
like a woman in her twenties in the seventies era
dreamin of freedom
leavin her heritage
for america
welcome to the empire state
higher stakes
a nightmare
i aint scared
but am i awake?

my love pinched my hips to show me i still exist
i turned around and told her that i don't feel shit


released July 7, 2010




budah New York

qu emcee. 80s baby.

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