Summer in the City ('Til It's​.​.​.​)

by budah

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for the better part of a decade
puttin pain to paper
paintin with rain on the windowpane of your soul
my heart is where the glaciers'll grow
pardon me
the watch'll be where the glaciers'll grow
watch me
impatiently pacin any place that i go
smoke haze on spacestations playin playstation 4
dont b
chasin the doe
dont b
chasin a ho
walk wit me
dro chaser to cope
tornado chasin the flow

this aint for the copa

this is for the papers and
the rollin papers
no i dont owe them a favor
this isn't for a major or the radio
its me
this isn't for a label

please dont label me
can i be?

alone im low and
tokin weed
the potency
of seeds soaked in solar beams
released in explosions of heat
i be
pullin it in so deep
i let it go
i c mi ghost
in the smoke
im lettin go of me

among schemers
stuck up divas
that lust sneakers
and love beamers

another summer evenin
breathin in the sun
in my lungs
how blunted i be
spittin fire
that i twisted prior to gettin
lit up like richard pryor
rest in peace
these days i be away as
memories fade in the cessimilla and kerosene
im a fuckin pothead wit my
mind blown out like a mufucker shot dead

coppin another dutch to gut
got him another slut to fuck

love dont lie
so love dont cry
even if the son aint there
know that sun gon shine

so its summer somewhere
women some in swim wear
equinox shift in the speakerbox
i spit
in the sneakerbox
i dont speak a lot
see i be driftin
into a c-i
thinkin of the beyond


released June 18, 2010




budah New York

qu emcee. 80s baby.

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