Solid Snake; A Duet (Soldier of Love Freestyle) feat. Sade

from From Queens, With Love (5 Song Set) by Buddha

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Tactical Espionage Action



parachuted into a parasite's paradise
and by my parents
told to play my role like a pair of dice
shine like camera light til my apparel pharoah like
on point
sagittari arrow like
arrogant despite
bein an average cat who spit
supernatural vernacular
hit cardiovascular like
the ambassador who fraternized
with self described animal types
vandal evangelists
battered wives
with sunglasses wrappin blackened eyes
who rather be quiet than signify scandal to passerby
the scandalous scantily clad alice in wonderland and
angry adolescents with no language to describe the
frustration they facin
and have to cry at night
and hard workin mothers and fathers who have to sacrifice
to make due
makin moves like christ in palestine
stoned as fuck
like welcome home
my son
moms was a philanthropist
pops was philanderer
me i'm a philosopher
phantom of the opera
i play the organs at the philharmonic like
all up in the guts
clutchin breasts
pluckin heart strings at night
she move like beautiful music
in a g-string
change out her clothes like a sequence of the i ching
she need to be
sippin fiji
in a bikini
at a beach
drop dead gorgeous
pillow talkin thru a ouji my pipe game luigi
and u know the flow over dope tracks
i'm b.g.
and chick go hard
comin kama kizi
articulate with artillery
she slick
flippin it off the heezy
she be my general
me executive chiefin
weed in el presidente cohibas
keepin it caliente
i bring the pain til she menstratin
demonstratin the pensive nature of a record's reckless statements
she a soldier
been in treacherous trenches
she a soul survivor
up in the trench nekkid, drenched
between her legs yet it doesn't need further mentionin
said i seen the strength in ya shimmer when i met ya then
and i knew
she a sexy motherfucker
anybody get at u i'd have to flex on motherfuckers

u a sexy motherfucker, bitch...

Outro/ Sade...


from From Queens, With Love (5 Song Set), released July 7, 2010




budah New York

qu emcee. 80s baby.

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