Perish feat. Buddha, J. Syrop

by Basik

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perishable goods, consumerism


pac said "u dont need shooters, u need the ppl"
as i *fight for the future of fetuses*, see it thru like
*felicia cruz or *scribe he does
so im back on the track like the chinese was
like a monk watchin countrymen lie in blood
gettin drunk like "fuck it son, light me up"
it remind me of when i was young
gettin slump with some skunk like
"light me up"
what i write this for?
my convictions or my mania?
to liberate libya or lick a lady labia
maybe im crazier
i hit the rhythm to stimulate the pain and pleasure centers of the brain in ya
in this age of aquarius
where sayin u american is the same as sayin terrorist
over protools, rep for the proleteriat
know that they preparin us for perishin
so let em perish first!


released December 29, 2011




budah New York

qu emcee. 80s baby.

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