one night / rendezvous

from this time deluxe ii (8 song set) by budah



i jus hope the homies relate nd the women understand.


im no good for anything other than one night
maybe a stand off
high noon
a room with sunlight
a nice view to go with a nice mood cus its done right
i do what i do
and then u know its done, right?
not a nice dude but a i try to do
whats right
but i love life much too much for a lovelife
bust it
i touch lives when i clutch mics
but im not lookin for nothin but fuckin tonight
im fucked up right?
try to understand love
ive tried to understand love
and when u stand up to leave i be at a stand still
but thats jus a reminder i cant feel
its that real
cant chill but we could dance and romance still
have u at a wall
handlin blue balls like crack kills
i smack it i track it
that ass stacked in heels
the rack is real
goddamnit i gotta have it


i dont know whats more profound than the sound of u moanin goin down on me controllin the moment with ya smile
with your panties hangin from my door
how u wore floral patterns like some sorta camo in a war
with ammo in your couture apparel
but i was born for battle
with arrows
im half horse
and u could guess which half shorty
shit i jus said that shit to get u to laugh for me
she my whore and my saint
babygirl face the world in sephora warpaint
we recordin porn at four in the morn at her place
she warnin me of snakes
for us shell break ya trachea
where i come from
we abort a baby for sport
escape in bottles the pain thats bottled up
embodyin metaphors for the forces makin us
the courses its taken us
of course its make ups to break ups to
make up intercourse
for the sake of us
i pray
has the lord forsaken us to the tornado of the wars we wage for us
the pain i cause u
could u stay the same as before
i came
break u off til the break of dawn
we mornin
pour it up
hormones stay rushin
maybe we rushin but fuck it they aint sayin nothin
bedframe squeakin
backshots stay pumpin
while i hold u by the hair nd u playin with ya pussy
we could take it anywhere
bedroom to the kitchen
interlude in the livin room
interviewin u in the nude
where every view of u is new
assumin that u into
stimulation nd liberation away from the things that u been thru
i aint gonna hit u to say that i miss u
i been misused
its sticky to flip thru subscriptions to my issues
lemme strip u of
the denim that fit u
lift u in air
til u swear that i get u


crystal clear visions of smeared lipstick on mirrors
tears drippin
fears of intimacy
we disappear
stare into the distance
like picture me there
im distant
like yeah
thats me in the distance
i wish u were here
i miss u
i wish i could care
4 u
as much i adore u
tried to warn u thru
lips lit up by cigarettes
whiskey whispers in ear
as this ism get twisted like fingers thru hair
nd prayer
all we do is argue
i swear
that i fuckin love u as much as i love fuckin u as u fuckin swear
never sweat no gear
u freshest when u strip yaself bare
of layers of shit that u wear
them denimsll interfere
u could get married
then its jus trysts nd affairs
miss i never been a player
shit im so serious
so forget the possessiveness
im possessed when u near
me i
admitted that bein committeds like bein admitted to be committed
nd me i admit that im scared
but its not gonna stop me
ya free?
try to meet me somewhere
we tear it up in the bedroom
bend u over this chair
then switch it to missionary positions like stick shiftin a gear

ride all night
light up lahh
our eyes so dry
so ma dont cry


from this time deluxe ii (8 song set), track released December 3, 2014
Produced by Jay of VS Ent. (aka Vital-SignZ). Mixed nd mastered by Ford of The 4D Foundation.

{Produced by VitalSignzEnt (aka Vital-SignZ aka Jay of V.S. Entertainment aka VitalSignz aka Jay of VS Ent).}


all rights reserved



budah New York

qu emcee. 80s baby.

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