Light It Up (Purple Freestyle)

from From Queens, With Love (5 Song Set) by Buddha

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lightin this beat up; u already know


ima give u the definition of genius
which is the description of the encryption when lasers read the disc
i dont make beats
im an mc and shit
weeded korean kid
ironically they couldnt c the kid
wit lyricism thats vivid
listen to c the shit
tho even if u seen it
u wouldn't believe this shit
16s as mean as it get
breathe in it like cigarette
lean like literz
easy like jesus did wit me in the mix
he dont got a heart and a part of him empty and shit
somebody call a physiologist
honestly he is sick like
bulimic bitches gaggin when they eat my dick
like cannibals
im an animal
like cannabis
see him
in a cathedral sizzlin
4give me 4 these sins
committed outta necessity
steppin in a den of thieves
i rep
queens nyc
a city that never sleeps or rests
yet dreams project
watch the team connect
the cream collect

pardon me
i won't follow your protocol
caught btwn bein a know it all
and i don't know at all
son of an immigrant mother
i don't take a moment off
goin hard
dedicated to haters who wrote me off
ridin beats until the wheels of steel fallin off
ironically it'll be the only thing that put me on
but what i be on?
i don't wanna be on
with groupies who turn me on
dreamin of turnin me on
only to turn on me and see me fall
like these broads that i treated right
so i should treat em wrong
not that i'm bitter
shit i saw it all before
at memorial day barbecues thinkin
"war no more"
more a forward thinker than most
torn between porno scenes
pourin liquor for whores
or sippin alone
in a city that's pretty
yet as
insidious as roses
the thorns and the allure
new york, new york

this rap shit is truly outta control
but it's the
free style so now it's out on parole
outta my soul
like a fountain i flow
like the towers it's goin down
like a mountain
i hold my ground
a malcontent
somewhere with mao and malcolm x
twistin the alphabet like some sour to an album
i get it down
hoodied down
to cover my smiles
like a maui sunset
shrouded and covered in clouds
hover above your doubt
*bob and weave*
*beyotches* who be tryina box beyond they reach
with arms *too short*
u caught it?
i hit trips there
since eightysix sick
a sinner yet sincere
shiftin gears
picture this
drinkin beers
sippin liquor
with a cigarette lit up
hit the snare
to whisper tipsy prayers
into the rhythm
sinkin into *frets* of whiskey
as *guitar* shaped women lick my ear


from From Queens, With Love (5 Song Set), released July 7, 2010




budah New York

qu emcee. 80s baby.

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