Hold The Line​/​Rewrite The Ending (Preface)

from This Time Deluxe I (6 Song Set) by budah01



For everybody who sacrifice for the greater good, who strive against what they feel is wrong, those who act in service of their beliefs. This is for y'all. Y'all are beautiful.


Thank you Queens

Innocence lost, but I was lost in a sense so
I let it go like breath, getting closer to death with every pull of this cigarette
living in the moment I hold in my fingers with rings of lingering smoke, the ember the gemstone
then flicking it, watching sparks fly
like flying through starry sky
high as Andromeda
but I never left though
I represent my borough though I'm no-one special
I'm just spitting flows through lips wet with Hennessy X and Os


It's a rebel that's in those retro soles
Exoskeleton so fresh, to my death, composed
Ready to go in for whatever
I'm getting low and getting focused on getting doe
Get to know me, I'll let you know
Sipping Coronas, blowing weed: only diplomacy I seen between me and all of these shorties who were quick to grow up
Throw up a middle finger, hold your nuts, don't give no fucks
Go and hold your own til the moment you don't get up

Hold the line

Fight til it's over, alright?
You a soldier, you know what it's like
and if we going to die
We gon' show them we so alive for this moment
I told them "No, we won't be going nowhere quietly, nahh"

it lied to me since the beginning
So why should I accept anything less than
rewriting the ending?

I'll die to defend our rights til my light is extinguished
Gripping a mic, spitting, I get busy with mine, listen

Give me a minute or three, I'll give you infinity/infiniti
Driven by envisioning life as it is differently
Forgive me my flaws, I'm a walking contradiction
But I give you my all, give you my heart, my thoughts, and convictions
With balled fists hitting the wall, pissed off
Hit them with everything that I got til they fall
Follow through with body and soul
Embody the thoughts of everybody I know so the flow outta control
Against the process of softening blows, I sharpened my hopes but
How do I cope?
God only knows
I'm just an artist, a poet, a soldier
sitting low in the park all alone as my bogie glow in the dark like...


from This Time Deluxe I (6 Song Set), released December 16, 2012


all rights reserved



budah New York

qu emcee. 80s baby.

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