Good Evening Queens (Intro)

from This Time Deluxe I (6 Song Set) by budah01



This is just some of the crazy shit I catch myself thinking about.


Good evening Queens

This Time Deluxe

Budah 01

I'm eons beyond me
I be on my B.I.
with barbed wire bleeding each heartbeat
Bishmillah il rahman il raheem
see me lost deep in thought, not that it means that I'm deep

I don't need nobody to sign me when it's my people behind me
cus me I designed me
See, I'm scheming on palm trees on beaches with dreams of seeing stars similar to sparks when I'm flicking a C.I.
I be on my shit
when I dip it means "See y'all"
Probably I'll be breathing in neon green with a diva
Steaming it in the shisha
NYC was yeshiva
Shiva sitting shiva when I D-I-E

Mirame mi amor
I'll be trying to flip a Metrocard into a Diamante or Nissan

At least I'm being honest on these songs
like, "Do the gypsies read the callouses that be on these palms?"

I scream "Good evening Queens
May you find some peace"

I scream "Good evening Queens
May you find some rest"

I'm an emcee
put the beat on
I feed off of it
I covet it
I fucking love this shit biatch
My art is graffiti that Nefertiti saw
It's cosmic, I mean by my being from Queens, New York

I don't want to be on TV but I'm speaking for the little kids that's screaming being beat with the TV on
I see y'all with eyes squeezed trying to be strong
Keeping on keeping on
albeit at high speeds
like a meteor streaking by, let the sky bleed
while the city night's pretty eyes crying sire-ens
In between these lullabies, it's easy to find me
even if it's not quite as easy to define me

I'm a beast on the M-I-C
with pride, I'm kicking my feet up in these beat up Nikes
Y'all don't got to like me cus I don't like me
Likely kid you just like me

I scream "Good evening Queens
May you find some peace"

I scream "Good evening Queens
May you find some rest"

I want to see y'all rather than be blinded by cameras flashing through eyelashes like shafts of light through the treetops

The beat drop and I'm free-falling
You want it off the top? I leap off
My stream of conscious a stormy sea

Living my dreams
Y'all eavesdropping on me talking to me as I sleep walk
funny but I be boppin

Before a recording artist mixing with women tipsy off my bars and Chianti sangria, I'm a griot

So you could keep the Louie V
I'll be in Levi Jeans and
She in the knee highs, she want me

Shorty you don't need the top
could be on top
and give me top
and we could top it off with CPR, breathe

Besides the persona, I'm deeply flawed mami, I mean I need Gs and to believe it's more to see than
sweet chicks
Sweet Swishers and nice suites
Moms and pops with diabetes: y'all thinking life's sweet

I scream "Good evening Queens
May you find some peace"

I scream "Good evening Queens
May you find some rest"

This Time Deluxe


from This Time Deluxe I (6 Song Set), released December 16, 2012
{Produced by VitalSignzEnt (aka Vital-SignZ aka Jay of V.S. Entertainment aka VitalSignz aka Jay of VS Ent).}


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budah New York

qu emcee. 80s baby.

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