the observations of a 2nd generation korean 80's baby who grew up in nyc, pre- and post-9/11


we rebels with impeccable ettiquette
never said let us in
we get it in
get in and then
led us in

my friends is immigrants who
spit slang better than anythin in
english as a second language classes

my parents
yall called em fresh off the boat
so call me fresh off the jet
ill get fresh off the flow

i dont want no attention so im fresh on the low
dress fresh
smoke fresh
to address all the stress
the woes
the pressure
gettin fresh with them hoes
but no its no puto freco
its budah
chinito in esl to chino xl
in a three xl tee
readin xxl magazine
connectin to shorty who called them her dsls
it was bleep nextel cellies and cheap tellies

everytime i spit a line its like the dmz

heir apparent to america
its apparent to me
how u treat my parents how transparent american dreams are
americas a conspiracy
ask a cherokee chief
or palestinian civillians killed with american heat
mothers grievin in arabic
brothers inherittin beef
tears the barrel'll weep
adversaries get buried deep
in tel aviv prepared to be gone wearin the c4
before seein a three year old starin at me
police officers preparin to squeeze off and reload the piece at homie betrothed to marry a queen
as she carry his seed
who theyll tell her need therapy for terrible american dreams
as anteras tear up the streets
cus i
see freedom in chiefin keef in a cherry red jeep cherokee speedin
fuck yall

everytime i spit a line its like the dmz


from this time deluxe ii (8 song set), track released November 11, 2014
Background vocals by the stylistically impeccable Emily Ann Imes.
Produced immaculately by Jay of VS Ent. (aka Vital-SignZ).
Mixing + Mastering by the always dapper Ford4D of The 4DFoundation.

{Produced by VitalSignzEnt (aka Vital-SignZ aka Jay of V.S. Entertainment aka VitalSignz aka Jay of VS Ent).}


all rights reserved



budah New York

qu emcee. 80s baby.

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