Bein Real (Sideline Story Freeverse)

by budah

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the justification of why i'm an asshole


another hard day at work
heartache and hurt
im my pallbearer
til i drop my coffin in the dirt
like im wakin up at my wake in church
as i clock in
sippin my coffee
gotta be alert
to the drama of all the trauma
my kids u call disturbed
forced to ingest medication while the psychologist poppin percs
its not jus words
its dedication demonstrated
so u could never say that this here is merely entertainment
if pain is art
then i curate this gallery
like purple haze get sparked by the mural in the alley
freestylin with five on it in the ciph
with an eye out for the narcos in unmarked cars drivin slow when its night out
ride out for my principals
my beliefs
so u could ridicule me as i try to beat the system piece by piece
since a fetus i never been a defeatist
since freedom isnt free
and bein cheap it cheapens the meanin

my ppl gross domestic product is gdp
you know?
call it a peace treaty
between east and west
we in recession
fiendin cream
and bein clean it means u need at least a ged
bless the dead
i spit it as sick as eazy e
infected by a virus manufactured by the cdc
i be in the lab at my pad
its jus me and beats blastin
as im spittin crakk
peedi peedi and beanie sig
between my shifts
u see this shit?
im on my job like afrikaans and chinitas peddlin dvds
so to all my gigi's
my gigli's
and xi li's
from queens so belieeeve me sweety
ill be a king
and i do feed the needy so i dont see the reason the ppl who run the media such greedy fucks
i dont mean emcees as much as executives
like ebro wsup?!
im not a star im a motherfuckin meteor
i give u fire like motherfuckin prometheus
put it in her stomach like motherfuckin prometheus
my ppl drunk
promethazine beam em up
coke in the nose and go to sleep when they see the sun
and u know what they told me
ima be the one
i told em im only the one budah
thatll be enough
im one of the few thats true
if it was me and the ppl who believe in me in the cut
we'd be deep as fuck

this time deluxe ii comin soon
the theatres mostly empty so come quickly
get a front row view
before its no room
they restrictin the homie
no tokin ism or jokin with u in intimate moments
the show is only beginnin
this hoe could be singin and moanin as im strokin her
it isnt over
i know what u thinkin
but lemme know what u drinkin
a lil mo a lil henny a lil patron a lil remy

my moms a homeowner
and own her own little business
so i owe her cus i wont be homeless like some of my friends have been
and my pops is always broke and rarely sober and only here cus my mother doesnt want him dyin lonely
to fly her overseas with proceeds from tours
is a vision that the kid is proceedin to explore
knowin she gon proceed to scold me cus tho she sculpted me she seein no korean mi amor with me
i was born to be
a little bit different
a little bit gifted and didnt give a shit
spit it a little explicit since the devil is the details
ism and empty bottles my rose petals and seashells
life is a beach trip with a female
flippin when she see some other bitches in ya email
thinkin that the kid put the g in gmail
im jus a dick inconsiderate to shit that she feels

bein real


released January 19, 2013


all rights reserved



budah New York

qu emcee. 80s baby.

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