A Ballad (Intro)

from From Queens, With Love (5 Song Set) by Buddha

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    A ballad; walk with me .
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"A ballad is a form of verse, often a narrative set to music." - wikipedia.org entry on "Ballad."


i spoke this in smoke with lips that kissed a solar eclipse
wrote it with fingers that flipped rollies
controlled a ho at the hips
this from the kid that didn't know he existed
spittin flows over lit bogies and sodas and chips
u know what it is
this set my soul free
spittin freestyles like it was 03
when hip was coachin me and
folk focused me, your
homie from queens but kept the x close to me
like a hajj
in the midst of intifada and jihad
sippn collattas
gripped in my palms
in midst of stigmata
come and cross me
cross my arms
with the same crossbow that toss lost souls to the cross roads
cross my heart
the flow skull and crossbones
good stuff
i should bottle the flow
props are all i got to show for all i wrote
but all i know is
somethin gotta give cus a mufucker give

and a mufucker get it
and never this mufucker give or givin in
if u get it, then give it up
the difference btwn livin and "livin it up"
as i reference "Get Lifted" gettin lifted as a fuck
once again it's on
evolvin at my own pace
not to disown my own race but my life's my own race
and it's not a sprint
it's a marathon
trackin my vocals
joggin on the track
as i talk to this fly chick wit baggage
she carry on
recallin scenes of screamin from her heart
a black box
i could relate to that sorta trauma
i've had a lot
ashes to ashes
these are scattered thoughts
take my job
break my heart and my fingers and hit me with a car
still check out the melody
i keep the g sharp like a
heavenly harp
guitar or piano
due to ppl that taught me to be smart
peep the angles
keep watch
to hennessey shots
deep in the shadows
of the park
and even when in deep thought
to keep it shallow
like whattup tho
how u doin
how the fam?
give dap and go do what u have to do
hard not to be religious when benches r battle trenches
walkin by a shrine aligned with candles and pictures
walls get lit up by vandal evangelist scriptures
and girls become hard rocks, like amethysts, crystals
our souls are supposed to travel the galaxy
i know this from
window seats of subways
tunnel lights passin me
as a child with a style inspired by fireflies
now i spit fire
my entire attire fly
i rhyme for
the boro that sired mine
pearly white smiles from pretty girls i desired
a writer of songs
and ballads
battle u on ya block
but rather see the art in the alleys of paris
mind spinnin like wax
or analog dat
a carousel
a ferris wheel
or a parasol in the hand
of a cinderella in a brazilian favela singin
ey ey
shit is rio
with shoulder's cold as janeiro
went from
lonely to cold and arrogant
spittin arrows
i know it's terrible
i could give a fuck like i'm sterile
ya don't hear me tho

since we're
here my dear
sincere, i swear
don't call it a comeback
i've been here for years

from queens, with love


from From Queens, With Love (5 Song Set), released July 7, 2010




budah New York

qu emcee. 80s baby.

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